WhatsApp Lead

Monitor, measure and optimise WhatsApp interactions, while creating a superior experience for buyers and sellers using the world's most popular messaging platform.

What do we offer?

Sudonum’s easy-to-implement API, allows you to facilitate WhatsApp conversations with enhanced safety and improved analytics right away.

From WhatsApp Lead Tracking to a shared WhatsApp Inbox, we are experts at making WhatsApp's rich feature set work harder for your clients and your business.

Why do you need it?

Lead Source Attribution

Full visibility of the WhatsApp lead flow from enquirer click to sales agent response, allowing you to measure how many genuine WhatsApp leads each marketing source is generating.

WhatsApp Sales KPIs

Use lead performance metrics to sharpen your customer experience. Know how long it takes your team to respond and what percentage of actionable leads are responded to.

Lead Details

Automatically capture the WhatsApp name and number of a lead without needing to ask. Having this information in a central view and available at a glance removes the guess work.

Reporting from the First Click

A customisable reporting hub. Ready to go from the very first lead. Enrich each lead with meta data that moves you from clicks and messages to insights and business intelligence.

Spam Protection

Advanced spam content filters, ensure you only respond to legitimate leads.

CRM Integration

Capture WhatsApp leads directly to your CRM. Spend less time on administration and more time with clients. People are great with people, bots are great with data.

WhatsApp Inbox

Get in touch to find out everything WhatsApp can do for your business.

Support your sales team so that no lead is left behind

Simplify the way your team works together on WhatsApp

Get a big picture view of your customers’ experiences

Assign conversations to the correct team member

Respond quickly with the right info

Manage your team to ensure better outcomes

Pricing - Monthly

Monthly plans comparison



Platform Fee
$200 USD
Talk to us
Inclusive platform messages
Platform messages per message
$0.005 USD
$0.003 USD
Active Chat-intros
WhatsApp Conversation-based pricing
Real-time reporting and analytics dashboard
Inclusive template messages
Lead source attribution
Automatic lead distribution
Lead response rates and time to respond
Shared WhatApp inbox web app and mobile app
5 users
Conversation design and best practice guide
1-hour hands-on user training
Spam protection and content filtering
Property inventory integration
$ 250.00 USD
Lead integration to CRM
$ 350.00 USD
Add multiple WhatsApp business accounts
Seller introduction message customisation
Monthly performance and insights sessions.
Customisation is handled on a work and materials basis
Inclusive monthly platform messages

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