Sales Boosters

Give the customer what they want faster. Make it easy. Make it more human. Never make them feel like a number. Help your people to respond better.

How do we turn leads into sales?

WhatsApp Lead Tracking

Create a better, safer, more transparent experience for buyers and sellers using the world’s most popular messaging platform.

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Technology to speed up connecting customers to businesses through a single click.

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Call Tracking

Replace a customer’s real number with a local virtual number to open up a world of valuable analytics capabilities. Track calls and SMS’s, prove ROI, and reduce spam.

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Call Masking

Protect all users’ privacy by connecting them without exposing their real numbers.

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Automated Call Backs

A cost-effective way to ensure leads are attended to without frustrating customers.

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Virtual Numbers

Secure virtual numbers to use as business numbers. No matter where you are.

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As a marketplace, you want to empower the sellers on your platform to reach and connect with their customers quickly and efficiently. Customers enquire via multiple channels, and proving value to your sellers can become complicated. Our WhatsApp Lead Tracking solution allows you to curate a conversation between the different parties, and collect valuable data on the number of leads passed on, and whether  those were acted upon. Call Tracking is another tool to arm you with the information that your sellers expect. You can also protect your sellers by offering them Virtual Numbers to their product listings.

Real Estate

Buying or renting a property is a big deal, when you shorten and measure the sales funnel you put your Agency in a position to do more business that boosts revenue. Our WhatsApp Lead Tracking solutions shorten the time between an enquiry and response by 75% while saving agents hours of lead capturing admin.

A real estate business is a human centric businesses where the  experience from the first WhatApp or call to the last email far outlives that new home feeling. Treat every lead like a human, not a number.


A vehicle is a high value item, and we understand that when a potential customer expresses interest, they want to connect with an actual human as quickly as possible. You can make use of Automated Call Backs as well as Click-to-Call which empowers you to connect with your customer in record time.  Our Call Tracking solution then provides you with enough data regarding these calls to optimise and make informed decisions.

Dealerships service department know that clients not responding results in delayed service decisions. With a single WhatsApp Inbox  your service managers have a central inbox and ability to communication with clients using WhatsApp.


Deliveries and logistics don’t only encompass the sale and the physical delivery of a product or service. There is communication that occurs between a number of parties throughout the process.
Our Call Masking technology offers you the best way to prevent compromising people’s privacy by safeguarding your customers' and drivers' identities.

Multichannel Marketing

Using your messaging across multiple channels encourages a coherent strategy and increases brand awareness. It allows you to market your product or service to different audiences, which in turn drives new demand. Sudonum offers a number of different product sets to help you achieve this. We can help you cover everyone’s preferences through calls and text offerings.Monitor your marketing efforts and optimise your strategies using Sudonum’s Call (and SMS) Tracking and WhatsApp Lead Tracking. We also offer Automated Call Backs and Click-to-Call solutions.

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