WhatsApp is a great message tool but a lousy CRM

Manage distributed sales teams operating on their own personal WhatsApp accounts can be hard.

Leads, buyers, customers, users, clients. Whatever you call them, they almost all want to make enquiries in response to your digital marketing via the digital channel they use most frequently and are most comfortable with: WhatsApp.

If these enquiries can be handled by a central customer service team, this is a relatively easy problem to solve. You simply get a WhatsApp Business Account from one of the many official WhatsApp Business Solution Providers who will give you tools to help your Customer Support/Success team to go about their business.

The problem starts to get more complicated if these enquiries need to be handled by a distributed sales team operating on their own personal WhatsApp accounts.

You can put down wa.me links, which will send client queries directly to a sales person.


You as a business have very little visibility or control over the enquiries started in this way.

It's hard to measure/prove ROI on different marketing channels.

You don’t know if your sellers are doing their job and responding in the way that you expect.

And if they are not, you have zero ability to jump into the conversation to soothe buyers’ frustration and manage their perception of your #brand.

WhatsApp may also not be the best place for your sellers to receive enquiries. As I have said before, WhatsApp is a great message tool but a pretty lousy CRM.

We have built our WhatsApp solution to solve this ‘distributed seller’ problem.

At its heart, our solution’s goal is to get the buyer and the appropriate seller talking as quickly as possible on WhatsApp. But still giving you, the brand behind the marketing budget, visibility and control over the entire lead funnel from click to response.

If these challenges sound familiar, reach out. Our team have been helping business like you.