Looking into one of Dubai’s largest real estate agencies.

A big part of this "hustle" culture is getting the most value out of every dollar they spend.

White & Co is one of Dubai’s largest real estate agencies. They have grown rapidly since their founding in 2021, and they attribute their success to their “hustle” culture. A big part of this culture is getting the most value out of every dollar they spend.

“As business owners, our number one priority is to make the lives of our staff more efficient and easier. Real estate brokers spend valuable time inputting data into the CRM and organising leads, which could be better utilised elsewhere"

To achieve this, White & Co needs to know which marketing channels generate the most leads for every dollar spent. They also need to know how efficient their agents are at responding to these leads. Finally, they need to capture lead data so that they can re-engage with leads who don’t close on the first property they enquire about.

WhatsApp is the enquiry channel of choice for 65% of property seekers in Dubai. And so Sudonum’s WhatsApp lead tracking/management tools play a crucial role in helping White & Co know they are getting the best possible value out of their marketing spend. Sudonum’s tools provide White & Co with a number of benefits, including:

  • A single view of all WhatsApp enquiries, which shows where every WhatsApp lead has come from. This allows White & Co to monitor, tweak and optimise their marketing spend.
  • Agent performance KPIs that break down each agent's performance into response rates and time to respond for every WhatsApp lead. This enables managers (and agents themselves) to identify where improvements are needed.
  • The status of every WhatsApp lead, which allows the team to follow-up on leads that have not been responded to. 
  • Automatic insertion of WhatsApp lead data into White&Co’s CRM. This means that even if an enquirer does not close on the first property they enquire about, the team has the data to re-engage and attempt to get a deal done.
"What Sudonum allows us to do is automatically pull all information from our WhatsApp leads, which in Dubai is around 80% of the total, into the system. Providing insights into the properties they inquired about, their other inquiries, agent responses, response time, and much more."

Since Sudonum’s WhatsApp lead tracking was first switched on, White & Co has seen a number of positive results, including:

Increased customer satisfaction: Average response times of agents have more than halved. Enquirers are more likely to have a positive experience when they are quickly and efficiently responded to. This means that enquirers are getting a better experience and agents are increasing their chances to close a transaction.

Better decision-making: With accurate data on lead generation and response times, White & Co is able to make better decisions about their marketing and sales strategies. This can lead to increased ROI and growth.

Improved agent productivity: With leads being automatically inserted into the CRM, agents are able to spend more time on tasks that generate revenue, such as showing properties and negotiating deals.

More revenue opportunities: Leads going automatically into the CRM also means that lead data is not getting lost on agents phones, which gives White & Co the opportunity to extract maximum value from every enquiry.

"A fantastic tool for both high-performing agents and those who need help to see what is being missed. The more information we have the better.”

Calum White, CEO & Founder