Learn how haus&haus took back control of their WhatsApp leads

How haus & haus used Sudonum's WhatsApp Lead Tracking tools to turn their WhatsApp leads blackhole into the James Webb Space Telescope of lead tracking.


haus & haus described their WhatsApp leads as a blackhole and were struggling to measure and extract value from these leads going directly to their agents.

In Dubai WhatsApp is the single largest lead source for Real Estate professionals. The property portals in Dubai would report how many WhatsApp leads they were generating for haus & haus.   Because these leads were going directly to individual agent WhatsApp numbers, haus & haus management had no idea if the reported number of leads was accurate, there was a sense that it was not.

haus & haus had no visibility of or way to record any of the details of the WhatsApp leads that were coming in. No names, contact numbers, no idea which were motivated buyers making multiple enquiries. They were relying on individual agents to manually capture leads into the CRM, which is inefficient and time consuming. Perhaps most importantly, they also had no idea if their agents were replying to these enquiries at all, let alone in a reasonable amount of time.

The solution

By implementing the Sudonum WhatsApp Lead Tracking solution, haus & haus was able to solve their problems and unlock the latent value within the WhatsApp lead process. Additionally the business benefited from following:

  • Accurately know the number of  WhatsApp enquiries their agents were handling; it turns out that the number of leads the portals were sending was lower than they were reporting. Around one third of portal users clicked WhatsApp buttons but never actually sent the message.
  • Attribute each WhatsApp lead to its source, helping them to understand which marketing channels were most effective.
  • Capture all WhatsApp leads and their statuses in the lead funnel centrally to better understand marketing and agent performance.
  • Measure and monitor agent response rates and times.
  • Automatically capture lead details such as WhatsApp number and name, which were then used in personalised marketing and customer communication.
  • Block SPAM.
  • Customise message content based on agent preferences and behaviour to set client expectations and burnish the brand.


By having a central view of all WhatsApp leads, the haus & haus team got a true sense of the number of legitimate enquiries their marketing spend was generating. They could also filter enquiries, disregarding known SPAM, before sending these to their agent team, who was able to spend more of its time handling legitimate enquiries.

Response rates to legitimate WhatsApp enquiries quickly increased to 100% while response times improved by 80% . This meant that the agent team was answering more legitimate enquiries faster, which increased the possibility of deals being done.

Finally, by having a record of the name and WhatsApp number of each enquirer automatically captured centrally, the agency was able to build its database and use the contact list for additional, value-added communications on WhatsApp, such as offering ancillary services.


“Sudonum’s WhatsApp lead tracking tool has allowed us to more effectively manage our leads, agent performance and improve the overall experience for clients who choose to communicate with us via WhatsApp.”

Luke Remington, Managing Director