Give your phone Superpowers with a Sudo number (sudonum)

Separate your work and personal telephone and WhatsApp and keep a record of all work calls.

Do you run a small business that relies heavily on your and your team’s personal mobile phones calls? Are you struggling to keep track of your work calls that are mixed in with your personal calls? What if one of your employees leaves? Will you lose access to the client contact list saved on his or her personal phone?

We can help you solve these problems (and many others) with a solution that is cost-effective, easy to set up and that requires no long-term commitment.

How does it work?

Very simply really. All you need is one (or more) of our call-tracking numbers (Sudos as we like to call them). You link the Sudo to the mobile phone(s) you want to receive calls on. That’s it, you are all good to go. To get the most out of your new Sudo, you can also configure its features (superpowers for phone numbers) - more on this below.

What do I get?

Telephonic heaven on earth. Or something like that.

Work/life balance. Your Sudo becomes a separate business number that you can give to your clients, suppliers etc. Your business acquaintances will therefore not need your personal number to get hold of you. Also, when you are not in the mood to receive business calls, you can switch on voicemail for your Sudo without losing the ability to receive personal calls on your mobile.

WhatsApp Business. This personal/business distinction extends to WhatsApp as you can set up your Sudo with a WhatsApp Business account. This means that you can have separate accounts, with separate numbers, for personal WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business on the same phone. (Normally, if you download WhatsApp Business and activate it with your mobile number, it will move all of your personal WhatsApp to that account too, preventing you from having distinct personal and business WA accounts).

Calls with context. By using a call whisper - audio that you hear when you answer an incoming call to your Sudo - you will know that the call is related to your business, helping you to answer the call appropriately. Alternatively, you can show your Sudo number as the caller ID on your phone for incoming calls to your Sudo number to know they are work related before answering.

Number stability. Stay in touch with your clients even if the team member that managed those clients moves on. If your clients communicate with your business using your team’s personal mobile phones, they may struggle to get a hold of your business if that employee leaves the business. If you use a Sudo, you can simply change the number that the Sudo connects to if there are changes in personnel. You can also keep the WhatsApp Business account associated with the number.

Reduce missed calls. You can set up your Sudo to connect with more than one number so that if one member of your team is busy and cannot take a call, our system will automatically route the call to the next number in the queue.

Call recordings. Automatically record inbound calls to your Sudo to help you understand and improve the outcomes of your calls.

SPAM protection. Stop unwanted calls to your Sudo by adding unwanted caller IDs to a blacklist, preventing calls from those numbers connecting.

Call detail records. View and download your call detail records either on your Sudonum dashboard or via a customisable Google Datastudio report. These reports will allow you to keep abreast of all incoming calls and respond to missed calls for example. By looking at patterns in your calling activity, you can adjust your organisation (by having more agents available at busier times for example) to improve your business outcomes.

Outbound calls. Use our chrome-extension to make outbound calls using your Sudo.