First Impressions Matter: The Importance of Lead Management

In the real estate industry, good lead management is vital and without it, customers might leave with a bad taste in their mouth.

First Impressions are probably the single most important determinant of brand perception and the trajectory of a new relationship. A bad first impression can put you on the back foot in both business and your personal life. In the real estate industry, good lead management is vital, and the fastest way to irritate a customer and leave a bad taste in their mouth is to:

1️) Not reply to an Inquiry on a property which points to disorganisation, unprofessionalism, and indifference

2️) To reply with a significant delay, which suggests all of the above and likely arrives with the enquirer when he/she is more distracted and less focused on the property being enquired about.

These examples are specifically apt in the context of a buyer inquiring about a specific property through a WhatsApp button that is unique to a specific listing. By giving a person the option to contact your agent/business on WhatsApp you are by default saying that you will get back to them in a timely professional way.


WhatsApp is an INSTANT messaging app that brings an expectation of immediacy.

At Sudonum, our tools are designed to give your sales teams the best chance of meeting this expectation and delivering a world-class customer experience.

If you want to know more on the how. Or discuss our learnings in delivering WhatsApp lead management around the world, hit me up here on LinkedIn or by clicking the link below to see how fast I will respond on WhatsApp!