Find out how measuring calls unlocked a world of data and saved time for Central Developments

Central Developments uses Sudonum’s call tracking stack to attribute incoming phone call enquiries to marketing sources which allow them to calculate the ROI of each marketing channel.

Property Development Company


Central Developments is the largest residential developer in Gauteng Province, South Africa’s commercial hub. Central Developments markets its properties on several different channels. Initially, the Central Developments team was using Sudonum’s call tracking service, which was provided via the Property24 portal and could attribute telephone leads to that source as a result. But for all their other channels such as social media campaigns, Google My Business listings, organic traffic, and other portals, there was no accurate way to measure which calls came from where. This made understanding the value of each channel and how to prioritise marketing efforts hard.

The Solution - Approach

Central Developments implemented Sudonum’s call tracking solution across all its marketing channels to measure the effectiveness of each channel at generating telephone leads. The Central Developments team uses distinct tracking numbers for each development, marketing source and sales agent to be able to understand exactly how well their marketing processes are functioning. In addition to using the features that come as standard with our call tracking numbers, such as call recordings and customisable metadata, the Central Developments team has also set up several numbers with IVR functionality that use our hunt group features to send calls to several agents at the same time.

Central Developments was able to set up and manage their numbers and data using our front-end dashboard, with call detail records going into a customised GoogleData Studio report. This enabled the team to get up and running immediately with our tools without requiring development resources. As their use of Sudonum’s call tracking service grew, the team decided to push call details directly into their CRM system via an integration with our API meaning the call enquiries are automatically sent to Central Developments’ lead management tool.



Implementation of the system has resulted in an accurate and complete record of all phone calls received by sales agents across many different projects.

The ability to attach distinct tracking numbers to virtually any means of advertising has allowed enhanced testing and comparison between different mediums, or even within mediums. This, in turn, has resulted in more accurate reporting on the effectiveness of different mediums.

Through the Sudonum front-end dashboard, and integration of the Sudonum API with Central Developments’ CRM system, Central Developments have negated the need for manual input or reconciliation of telephone leads, both saving valuable time, and preventing the potential inaccuracies that accompany manual data entry.



Implementing Sudonum’s call tracking numbers across all our marketing channels has helped us understand how those channels perform daily. We also have better visibility of how well our sales team are processing and handling these enquiries.

Utilising Sudonum’s call tracking numbers has allowed us greater insight into our internal handling and processing of telephonic enquiries as well as the performance of our various marketing channel

- André Muire