Integrate your Sudonum call data with Google’s Data Studio Connector
Use Google Data Studio to transform your call data with practical visualisations and interactive reports

What is Google's Data Studio?

Data Studio is a data visualisation and reporting tool that allows you to plug in your call data from Sudonum and instantly begin creating compelling visualisations and interactive, shareable reports that can help you and your colleagues make better decisions. By connecting additional data sources, such as your website analytics and Google AdWords data, you dramatically enrich your call data for even deeper insights.

With Sudonum’s Data Studio Connector, you can…

Share reports with colleagues and third parties while controlling how much data they are able to see.

Build and track your own metrics.

Create customised, interactive reports that visualise your Sudonum call data for practical insights.

Integrate your call data from Sudonum with additional data sources such as Google Analytics and Google Adwords

Ready to see what connecting to Google Data Studio can do for your call analytics?

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