Call tracking for classifieds and marketplaces
Track calls. Prove ROI. Reduce spam.

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Call tracking numbers work by replacing a customer’s real number with a local virtual number that can be tracked by you, opening up a world of valuable analytics capabilities.

Show customers that their ad is working

With Sudonum’s call analytics platform, you can show customers live call data demonstrating the inquiries your classifieds site is generating.

Protect customers’ real numbers

Your customers’ phone numbers are valuable. Call tracking numbers protect them from abuse by ensuring people and web crawlers only see the call tracking number you assign to them, not their real one.

Reduce spam calls

When you use a call tracking number from Sudonum, it’s routed through our advanced spam detection software, limiting unwanted calls and resulting in higher quality leads for your customers.

“In a highly competitive automotive market, dealerships will always opt for platforms that demonstrate the biggest contribution to their bottom line. And as the majority of car buyers show preference for telephonic contact over email, integration with Sudonum was critically important for our brand. With Sudonum, we are able to demonstrate the full value and effectiveness of our platform to automotive clients. Call analytics via Sudonum is a key component of our success – and that of our clients.”

Nunben Dixon
Head of Gumtree Automotive Operations, South Africa

Key features of call tracking for global classifieds and marketplaces

Call recording for quality and
outcome tracking

Advanced spam protection

A purpose-built API for call tracking, saving you weeks of development time

Instant access to local and mobile tracking numbers

Real-time analytics

Call whispers let you know who’s calling and why

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