Call tracking for CRMs & lead management systems
Expand your analytics to phone calls.

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Tracking calls lets you see the whole marketing picture – not just the digital half. With Sudonum’s API, you can integrate call tracking into your CRM or LMS fast with immediate access to local virtual call tracking numbers.

Add vital features your users need

Give your users instant access to local virtual call tracking numbers for their marketing, all connected to a live call analytics dashboard – and all integrated into your existing LMS or CRM product

Help users see the whole marketing picture

Add a unique number to track each of your marketing channels – including search ads, social media ads, email campaigns and more. By adding call tracking, your users can have complete visibility of their marketing channels’ performance.

Provide valuable insights

Help your users optimise their marketing spend while at the same time measuring the effectiveness of staff and better managing the sales process – all visible through an integrated analytics dashboard.

Key features of call tracking for global classifieds and marketplaces

API for easy integration

Complete visibility of ROI across marketing channels

Call recording for quality and outcome tracking

Call whispers let you know who’s calling and why

Automatically add call data to your leads

Local mobile numbers that can send and receive SMSes

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